Sensational beyond ‘2018 Malcung’s Gyeongnam’…Lee Jung-hyo’s leadership shines as Gwangju becomes an ‘underdog’ sensation in K League history

The most “sensational” team in the K League this season is Gwangju FC. Gwangju is in third place in the K League 1 after 30 rounds. With 13 wins, 9 draws, and 8 losses for 48 points, Gwangju is comfortably ahead of fourth-place Daegu FC (44 points), fifth-place FC Seoul, sixth-place Jeonbuk Hyundai, and seventh-place Incheon United (over 43 points). With three games left in the regular round, the team is expected to secure a spot in Final A barring any major upsets. This year, Gwangju has garnered more hype and attention than 2018 runner-up Gyeongnam FC. Back then, Gyeongnam had many similarities to Gwangju. They were ranked 10th in labor costs, but they managed to come in second despite spending less money. Gwangju is the team with the lowest labor costs in the league. Gyeongnam has a lot in common with Gwangju in that they’ve managed to stay in third place at the end of the season on a budget that’s comparable to the second division. The difference. In 2018, Gyeongnam was led by a dominant foreign player in Malcung. Malcung led the team in scoring with 26 goals, earned Best 11 and MVP honors, and then left for China for a hefty transfer fee. In addition to Malkung, the squad also featured other standout players across multiple positions, including Kunimoto, Choi Young-joon, and Park Ji-soo. Gwangju, on the other hand, doesn’t have a flashy roster, but the team is stable on defense, with the lowest number of goals conceded (28) while being aggressive and controlling the game. They have a solid style, with strong pressing, quick transitions, and consistency in getting forward with short passes. What makes it even more appealing is that the squad doesn’t back down when faced with more flashy opponents. Kim Eun-joong, a former U-20 coach who works for the KFA’s Technical Research Group (TSG), said: “I think Gyeongnam’s success was driven by the fact that they had a good composition of players in addition to Malcung, but I personally prefer Gwangju’s football. 소닉카지노 They are the role model that Korea needs. He is very organized and tactical, but I think his grit to the end, not giving up, is the reason for his success. Coach Lee Jung-hyo is creating a culture of doing your best until the end. That should become a habit in Korean soccer. There is no boredom and the team is always moving fast. I’m learning a lot from him as a coach.” Unlike Gyeongnam, Gwangju doesn’t have a superstar. No one is scoring in double digits. Asani is the top scorer with seven points. Instead of relying on one or two players, Gwangju’s strength lies in the consistency of all 18 players in the roster. “Gwangju is a team that has more than 20 players ready to play,” said Kim Hwan, a JTBC commentator. The gap between starters and non-starters is not that big,” he said, adding, “No matter who comes in, they play as promised and do their part. Gyeongnam was stronger in terms of pressing the opponent, but Gwangju seems to overcome their weaknesses with organization and tactics, even if they lack finishing. The team’s ‘chemistry’ created by coach Lee Jung-hyo is better than Gyeongnam’s.”

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