‘Powerhouse’ Seonmun wins 3 straight group games vs. Yeonsei in Round of 16 clash

The round of 16 for the 59th Chuseok University Football League has been finalized. ‘Powerhouse’ Sun Moon University and Yonsei University will meet in Taebaek Sanchi. It is a powerhouse that passed the group stage with three consecutive wins. It is the de facto final.

On the 18th, the 22nd quarterfinals of the 59th Autumn University Football League Baekdu Daejanggi and Taebaeksanggi were held in Taebaek, Gangwon-do. In Baekdu Daeganggi, Gwangwoon, Gangseo, Catholic Kanto, Ulsan, Incheon, and Myeongji pocketed tickets to the round of 16. In the Taebaeksanggi, Hanyang, Gimhae, Gyeonggi, Jungwon, Hoiwon, and Dankook laughed.

On Tuesday, Taebaeksanggi will feature Azu-Cheongju, Full Gospel Assembly-Dankook, Hanyang-Goryeo, Seonmun-Yonsei, Hongik-Gimhae, Gyeonggi-Andong Science, Chosun-Jungwon, and Hoowon-Hannam. In the round of 16, Dongwon-Jeju International, Jungang-Ulsan, Gwangwoon-Sungsil, Incheon-Gwangju, Kyunghee-Gangseo, Daegu Art Museum, Catholic Kwandong-Gimcheon, and Sangji-Jeonju will face off. Autumn Kim Reporter

◇59th Autumn College Football League Baekdu Daeganggi Round of 22 (18th) 안전놀이터

Kwangwoon University 0<7PK6>0 Konkuk University

Kangseo University 5-2 Daejeon National University

Catholic Kanto 3-1 Halla University

Ulsan National University 3-1 Jeonju National University

Incheon National University 4-1 Shinsung University

Myeongji 1-0 Hanil Jangshin University

◇59th Chuseok University Football League Taebaeksanggi 22nd Round (18th)

Hanyang University 2<5PK4>2 Daegu University

Kimhae University 2-1 Dong-A University

Kyungpook National University 0<4PK2>0 Dongguk University

Jungwon University 1-0 Chodang University

Hoiwon University 2-0 Mokpo University of Science and Technology

Dankook University 2-1 Songho University

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